Car Aluminum Alloy Foot Pedal

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Car Aluminum Alloy Foot Pedal gives people a clean, tidy, and generous feeling, At the same time brighten the footrest area. Aluminum rubber anti-slip pedal cover can easily remove sediment, Durable when maintenance is required, just wipe the pedals gently and present a new state. The fuel and brake pedal cover can be replaced directly without drilling or welding.


  • Aluminum alloy and non-slip rubber, Metal, and rubber do not fall off or separate. 
  • Suitable Models: Tesla Model 3
  • Non-slip surface design, safe driving. Increase the area of the original pedal and increase the coefficient of friction. Particles and an anti-slip design made of aluminum add to the car's personality.
  • Remove the new pedal cover from the box and place it in the sun until the rubber is soft and flexible, then simply slide over the metal pad.