Water Cup Holder For Tesla Model 3

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Coffee cups and coke cups will make abnormal sounds while driving After use, the use of silicone water cup holder can effectively eliminate the abnormal sound of vibration and keep you quiet and comfortable during driving.


  • Applicable models: tesla model 3, please confirm whether your model is consistent before buying.
  • Material: made of environmentally friendly silicone raw materials, no odor, difficult to deform, very durable.
  • Design: According to the model of the original car cup holder, the 1: 1 production technology is adopted, which is consistent with the car cup holder. If it is dirty, you can remove the entire cup holder, rinse it with water and let it dry in a cool place. Keep the car tidy. Multi-color optional, simple and stylish.
  • Function: Before use, the original car cup holder has no design restrictions.